J.B. Care A/S​

JB Care A/S was founded in 1993. We mainly address the hospital and healthcare sector, where we specialize in examination and treatment beds as well as equipment for birth, maternity and neonatal wards.

For more than 25 years, JB Care has worked closely with all hospitals in Denmark. Therefore, we can also guarantee that all products traded through JB Care are of the highest quality and comply with all rules and laws within the EU and Denmark.

That is why JB Care is today one of the preferred suppliers to Danish hospitals!

You can always get hold of us

We primarily work on an agent basis, but also have a small in-house production of, among other things, cradles and outpatient beds. We know that our customers place high value on high service, competitive prices and fast deliveries, and therefore do what we can every day to meet these needs.

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